Trusting data to deliver success



Buzzed is a fresh faced northern marketing agency established to challenge the current marketing agency landscape by being leaders in change, growth & wellbeing within the industry.

Our aim is to work with clients who share a mutual respect for marketing and understand the data, importance and skill it takes to delivery well versed campaigns which drive business success. 

We have produced content for The Co-op, AB InBev & Britvic, designed and launched national brands and supported the growth of UK Boarding through international campaign. 

Looking for a team that will deliver keep it simple and deliver good results?


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What started as the wireless is now the smart speaker, what started as the yellow pages is now a search engine, what started as the cinema is now a single app.

We can help our clients understand the the many touchpoint their customers use daily and build a strategy that promises a strong ROI.

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We believe sales is an outcome, not a goal. It's a function of doing numerous things right, starting from the moment you target your customer.

We implement campaigns across both offline and online whilst also creating some bloody good content. 


We  get straight to the point...

​...the point being your business.

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Whether you’re a startup or established business looking for marketing advice, a second pair of eyes or someone to bounce ideas off.


We  jump into the mix and bring ourselves quickly up to speed with your business structure to ensure no time is wasted working proactively in the way you wish it to be.



Results driven by mutual respect

The right people in the right place

Trusting data to deliver success


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